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Life Coaching

Life Coaching with Kay supports you in becoming conscious of what you really want and discovering
your own way to get there.

Are you ready to:
...get clear and focused?
...awaken your potential?
...cultivate great relationships?
...create a truly fulfilling career?
...experience real balance in your life?
...move forward in creating your dreams?

If your answer to any of these important questions is yes, life coaching could be the support you deserve.


Individual Sessions

You design the length, frequency and duration of sessions. For example, you may choose to meet with Kay 1 hour, every other week, for 3 months... then move to meeting once a month to stay on track.

Or you may prefer longer sessions and the rate can be prorated to fit your needs. Kay's focus is on matching your pace and helping you move forward as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Couple Sessions

For couples ready to create a better connection, develop communication and intimacy... Together you design length, frequency and duration of sessions with Kay.




"Kay facilitates transformation,
using my language and meaning,
allowing me to create my own way."

Amy, San Diego


"With Kay's expert guidance, I was able to explore and tap deeper, honest aspirations that fueled tremendous transformation and eventually sparked some exciting professional and personal changes. This process and its results have brought me more fulfillment and happiness than I ever could have imagined. She has an extraordinary ability to listen, a flexible method which allows for an individualized approach, and the right blend of warm and welcoming teaching that induces real, personal discovery."
Michael - San Diego


"I am genuinely appreciative of your ethics/honest approach to your work."
Diana, San Diego


"Kay is an incredible healer and I feel that working with her has brought me to a new level of inspiration and awareness. There is a joy and ease with our connection as she creates a safe, sacred space for my own self discovery and transformation. Kay's positive and compassionate spirit changes lives!"
Marilyn - Stevenson Ranch, CA


"Of all the women I've met in the past year Kay is not only the most delightful but the most important as well.  Kay is an AMAZING coach. She asks all the right questions helping to move my life forward."
Jeff - Santa Fe, NM 

"Working with Kay has taught me the ability to search deep inside to set core values for myself. Once that was accomplished, her coaching has helped me achieve an emotional strength I never thought possible for myself!"
Elena - San Diego, CA 


“With Kay’s guidance, I have not only defined my goals but am finding myself achieving them on a daily basis.”
Crystal - San Diego, CA


"Kay didn't just give me the support to achieve my goals, but through her life coaching techniques showed me how to continue to make decisions and understandings of who I am as a person. I am forever grateful that Kay showed me how to discover my true self, where I find my own answers, so that I can make decisions as life changes."
Zy - San Diego, CA

“Kay's gentle spirituality assisted me with birthing my core values and with each session, provided a link with my highest self and desires and my current challenges. She coached me on practical, logical steps and on spiritual letting go and my head and my heart came together in purposeful, compassionate action. I enjoyed the accountability and her mellow, Texas drawl. She helped me to access the best me and was my champion through the process. I highly recommend her as a gem of a proactive coach.”
Geri - San Diego, CA


“Kay helped me talk about the things closest to my heart and soul, and my career path seemed much clearer. She also helped me to clear some of my unconscious limiting beliefs and make room in me for greater possibilities to unfold (like manifesting my dreams). Kay has helped me well beyond my expectations with one of my biggest challenges. Working with her has been most empowering in terms of moving forward with my passion. I can't wait to tackle the next issue!”
Nicole - Seattle, WA


"Working with Kay has given me the courage to face some very difficult feelings and situations that have been re-occurring in my life. Working through these instances has given me positive reinforcement that what I am doing and what I am feeling is all okay and that standing up for myself is a way of honoring myself."
Jennifer - Hollywood, CA

“Being coached by Kay was really an awesome experience. I was able to move through blocks easier and with more clarity because of the way she intuitively could get to the core of what needed to change. It was like one ah..haa moment after another!”
Christy - Herriman, UT

“Kay has helped me honor my life and my process in priceless ways. As a coach, she brings a potent mix of women's wisdom, crystalline insight, and multi-textured listening that she artfully weaves around me like a warm and loving blanket. Her steady strength and generosity of heart leave me feeling supported, seen and empowered.”
Beth – St. Louis, MO



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